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This review was originally posted in the Invicta Forum by danko'leary:

Invicta 8926 Review- 10/8/2006

The Invicta 8926 is typically considered an entry level watch, or a "beater" alternative to other more expensive watches in your collection to be worn for everyday tasks. It typically ranks as one of the best selling watches, and provides a nice foray into automatic watches. I received mine about a month ago from, and have given it almost exclusive wrist time since it arrived. Let's break it down:

First Impression:

When the box arrived from Amazon, I was pleasantly greeted by Invicta's signature cheese-yellow box. The watch was delicately wrapped, and packed well in the case. Invicta's instruction manual was thorough, and read like it was written by someone that speaks English as a first language. The included warranty card and polishing cloth were also nice touched. I have a small wrist, so when I first put it on, it hung very loose off of my arm. The weight was also unexpected for a watch at this price point. It felt very substantial. After a few minutes, I headed out to the local jeweler to have things sized for daily wear.


Typically found below $100, the 8926 is an excellent value. there are not many other watches that have an automatic movement and look like a watch that costs 10 times as much. Total shipped, sized, and on my wrist was just over $105. That's unreal! At that price point, if it takes a hit while washing the car or doing yard work, I won't shed any tears.


At 43mm, the 8926 is not a small watch. It's an excellent compromise between a HUGE diver, and a smaller dress quartz. I've worn it to the office, business meetings, and around town, and it's been comfortable in all situations. The size of the face in comparison to the bezel is pleasing, and of a fair proportion. One of my objections to the watch is the large engraved "Invicta" on the left side of the case. I'm proud to wear an Invicta, but the size and placement of the branding is a bit overwhelming, and breaks up the elegance of the case.


The unidirectional rotating bezel was quite a surprise. While not as smooth as the Seiko or other high end watches, for $100 the bezel gets the job done. The black silhouettes the face perfectly, and the white marks are easy to read. It turns well, and locks into every number well, while being aligned perfectly with 12 o'clock. I've found myself using the bezel to time everyday tasks, like waiting for food at a restaurant, and sitting on a conference call. Why not right?


The standard Invicta bracelet is just amazing on this watch. The weight is so substantial, and it fits extremely well. The diver buckle is fairly easy to operate, though I imagine if you were actually diving with this watch, it may be a bit of a challenge. The inner link on the watch is highly polished, and immediately started to show sign of desk wear. I imagine that over the lifetime of the watch, the links would start to show some serious wear. The watch was also easy to re size. Due to my poor dexterity, I prefer to have a jeweler re size my watches. He had everything completed in less than 2 minutes, and also complimented the watch.


Sporting the Miyota 21 jewel automatic workhorse, I've been impressed with the accuracy of the watch. I tested the power reserve at 36 hours, and it was still going strong. In terms of accuracy, it's tough to gage without "hacking" while setting the time. Over the last month, it's ran about a minute fast, which is not surprising given my daily wear, and my impatience in letting the movement settle. Only time will tell (mwahaha) if accuracy is a problem in the long run.


The trinite hands glow fairly well for about 2-3 hours, then become hard to read. I hit the face with my Maglite before going to sleep, and about 7 hours later, the glow was faint but adequately visible to read if necessary. It would most likely pass the theatre test, but it's a far cry from a high end watch. The hands are quite beautiful, and easy to read against the black face. the addition of the Mercedes style hand was also a nice touch. The cyclops is good, but not great, and is certainly not a Rolex. It's adequate to read the date, but nothing that will make people stop and say "WOW". Finally, the mineral crystal is also great for this pricepoint, but only adequate for the look and feel of this watch. Mine has yet to show any scratches, and I've been polishing ti regularly to try and reveal a hidden one. That being said, I plan on wearing this as my "beater" watch, so a scratch is not really a concern. In fact, the last sapphire crystal face I had cracked from a tough hit, so I'd rather have a few small scratches over a broken face.


I would be shocked to find a better watch for under $100. Say what you will about Invicta, but for the money, the 8926 is one of the best values ever in terms of an automatic watch. I receive daily compliments on this piece, something I cannot say about my higher end pieces. To the untrained eye, most people thing you are wearing a $1,000 + watch. Despite the flaws with the 8926 (which are well documented), I'm still terrifically impressed with this watch. It's a great entry into a "real" automatic watch from a department store quartz, and is a good introduction into the beauty of a living timepiece.

-Daniel K. O'Leary-
Now, with 20% less sarcasm!
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