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Review: Invicta 8926OB

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Published on 03-02-2012 01:58 PM

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Discount Watch Store Review

Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB


This Invicta Pro Diver comes completely wrapped in plastic, packaged in a yellow clam shell box, contained within a white outer sleeve. Also included is a universal Instruction Manual, covering many different types of watch configurations offered by Invicta, and an Extended Warranty application form.

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Case, Dial, Crystal, and Bracelet:

The case measures in at 40 mm in diameter, 44 mm including the crown, a 30 mm dial/crystal opening, and is 13.5 mm in overall case thickness not including the Cyclops. The sides of the case are polished and feature the Invicta logo machined into the opposite side of the crown. The top of the lugs are brushed flowing right into the bracelet. It is 200 m water resistant and features a screw down crown. The bezel is super tight (almost impossible to turn when applying downward pressure) but should loosen over time (a little lubricant might help) and is 120 clicks around.

The dial is a black matte finish with applied mirror polished hour markers filled with a small amount of Tritinite luminous material. All of the markers are round, except for a triangular marker at the 12 o’clock position and rectangular ones at 6 and 9 o’clock. The dial also features a plethora of information including the company name and logo, automatic professional, 200 m water resistant, and Japan Mov’t. The Mercedes style hands are typical of the Pro Diver series and I’ve always enjoyed the long slender second hand balanced with the Invicta cross and wing symbol.

This bracelet measures 20 mm at the lugs, tapering down to 18 mm at the clasp, and each link is 3.5 mm thick. Invicta is known for providing ample bracelets and this is no exception measuring at a maximum of 8 1/2 inches with 6 removable links. The sandwich style flip lock clasp holds firm and features four micro adjustments. The polished center links are so finely polished they almost look wet and the brushed outer links tie the bracelet nicely into the brushed lugs. The folded end links fit snuggly without any play or gaps. Although the bracelet links are solid stainless steel, it feels light on my wrist, but I’m used to much heavier watches.

The crystal is a hardened mineral and the date magnifier, or Cyclops, appears to be a 2x or maybe a 2.5x magnifier.

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The Tritinite luminous material used by Invicta, is applied to the minute hand, hour hand, second hand, hour markers, and a luminous dot at the 12 o’clock position on the bezel. To test the lume, I placed the watch outside in indirect light for approximately 15 minutes, and then brought the watch inside a dark room to track how long the lume would last.

This first picture was taken immediately after bringing the watch inside:

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This second shot is a ½ hour later after which the lume was barely visible on camera, and was not visible to the naked eye shortly after.

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The movement may be the most exciting part of this watch. Historically, Invicta has used the Miyota 8215 and Seiko NH25A in the Pro Diver, but now they are using the Seiko NH35A. In my humble opinion, the NH35A is an upgrade over the previous two featuring superb accuracy and the ability to hand-wind and hack; a better mechanical automatic movement cannot be found at this price point.

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Overall impression:

What more can be said about this watch. The Pro Diver 8926 put Invicta on the map, a staple of any Invicta collection, and is historically their most popular model. This is the perfect watch to start a collection. For those with an extensive collection who want an every-day watch, it’s also a great option. The fit, finish, and build quality make this watch an excellent value at this price point. The only draw backs, in my opinion, are the folded end links, a light feel to the bracelet, and the luminous material, but when you take the price into consideration you couldn’t expect more from a watch. These are just my personal preferences and if they’re deal breakers, for you, take a look at the Invicta Pro Diver 9937, also available at Discount Watch Store. If you want an impressive, well built watch, and you’re on a budget or need a solid beater you certainly can’t go wrong with the 8926. Taking everything into consideration, I’m giving it five out of five stars.

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