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i didn't wanted to be shot in the head for posting this in its forum, so i decided to post it at BoscoeLand.

please, some one tell me how is this possible.
what are the cost of producing a watch?
i don't get it.
Lalo must be the CostMaster watchmaker.

Invicta 4469

retail price $1,249
price $350
you safe $900 [70%]

normaly you get an 10% mybe 20% off, but 70% off?
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The $1249 "retail price" is actually "retail value," which is an entirely different animal. The idea is that the Invicta is equal to watches that sell for $1249.
But the real retail price is $350, which is pretty much what you can buy them at everywhere all day long.
This is just a sales gimmick - and one that's used by many companies in many industries.

i know a lot of other companies use that, but a 70% off is to much imo
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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