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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and just wanted to share with you my very first invicta watch which is a reserve ocean speedway 0762.

Today I have just been to a watch shop to size my watch and it is ready to be worn:) I received the watch since Monday and my first impression when I first took the watch in my hand was like" Wowwwww, that is a really super heavy watch" compared to any other watch I already owned. Quality wise, it has that solid look and feeling, very well built. Already got lots of compliments on the watch, beginning from the watch shop where it was sized. Paid the watch $155 online plus shipping.

It's 47mm in size and from the look of the watch on my wrist I definitely know that I won't be able to go any bigger than that. I'm really impressed about the watch. Read quite a lot on Invicta, some good reviews but also some bad ones but I have decided to pull the trigger as I couldn't resist it and I must admit that I made the right decision.

On the way is another brand new Invicta model Pro Diver 12445(blue bezel). Got it at $75 less $25(discount coupon) but without shipping. Hope I haven't been ripped by the price.

I'm posting some pictures of the Ocean Speedway which I have taken with my mobile. Sorry in advance if quality of the pics are not that good.

Watch Analog watch Product Clock Rectangle
Watch Analog watch Clock Everyday carry Watch accessory
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Rectangle
Watch Hand Arm Analog watch Clock
Watch Analog watch Clock Font Everyday carry

Have to admit, once purchase a first Invicta it becomes like an addiction and you can't stop looking at other models.
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