Replacing GD second hand

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I would like to modify a couple Grand Divers by replacing the second hands with something a little more visible, with a red tip or entirely red hand. The type of second hand in the Orient Ray series comes to mind, or the red one in the Orient Beast.

Anyone replace second hands on an automatic before? How hard is it for someone with above average mechanical abilities and some patience? I'd like to attempt this myself, maybe practicing first on an old broken quartz watch.
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No offense taken, Timex. I have read about the negatives of Invicta, but I am a fan of low priced automatic watches, and if I destroy one while modifying, no big deal. I currently have Invicta 9110, 9937, 3044, 3048. I also have Orient Blue Ray and Orient Beast.

I have modified the GD 3044 by polishing the band to a mirror finish with a Dremel and some buffing compound. All other watches are stock. I don't intend on EVER sending one to Invicta for repair, I'll attempt it myself then use it for spare parts if I mess it up.

The only Invictas I like are the pro diver series, especially the Grand Divers. Seiko movt, high quality bands, decent water resisitance, decent lume. What more could you ask for in a $120 watch? IMHO if they came with Sellita movements they would be even better- I like the higher beat count and smoother travel of the second hands.

Thanks for the welcome!!!
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Polished Grand Diver Bracelet

Watch Toy Clock Silver Wood
Watch Analog watch Clock Silver Nickel
Wood Gadget Hardwood Strap Jewellery

I swapped the polished bracelet onto the 3048, it was originally on the 3044.

I also started another thread with pics of my watch collection so far- mostly cheap automatics.
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