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I would like to modify a couple Grand Divers by replacing the second hands with something a little more visible, with a red tip or entirely red hand. The type of second hand in the Orient Ray series comes to mind, or the red one in the Orient Beast.

Anyone replace second hands on an automatic before? How hard is it for someone with above average mechanical abilities and some patience? I'd like to attempt this myself, maybe practicing first on an old broken quartz watch.

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Auto Mvmt-Welcome to the WTF!

Auto Mvmt, FORGIVE THE CUT AND PAST.I'll add on after the intro below, Tim.

Invicta has 4633 Model’s, currently.
And that number changes daily.

Photos, we need them, If you ask “ Can you help me with my Pro/Grand Diver, Model-10640?”
Please, there are over 830 models of Pro/Grand Diver’s any given day.
Take the time, and post a photo, you’ll get quicker replies, and more of them.

From an earlier post by Edison, it has some great info in it.

Yes, the negativity is a little hard to take at times, but Invicta helped bring some of that on themselves with questionable practices in the past. No, I'm not going to go into it, the topic has been hashed out many times in the past.

At certain price points Invicta is hard to beat, whereas some of the higher end watches have been problematic in the past. I'm not knocking the brand since I own a few.

I've learned a few harsh lessons along the way.
Often the watches start off at a high price and then are discounted soon after.

A case in point: I fell in love with the SubAqua Speciality line, but decided 52mm was just too big for my 7.25 inch wrist. When the midsized SAS line came out I just had to have one.
Originally they were over $700 and were always in short supply. Finally caught a sale on Amazon and the watch was mine. Imagine my chagrin when Invicta came out with a second generation model some $300 cheaper. Initially I was disappointed, but this meant I could add to my Mid-SAS collection.

Since then I've learned to glean the Deal of the Day sites and the Invicta Sunday Run for prospective purchases, and I've learned patience. I still purchase from the SHOP, but I'm back in the NBZ as I have more watches than I can reasonably wear. I don't claim to be a WIS, just an interested dilettante with a love of watches, especially automatics.

Although I have other brands now, I will always be greatful for my Invicta 8926 which was my gateway into the hobby. edison
edison, said the most, in the fewest words.

Every person who gets bit by the bug, should read that!

on eBay from original watch works, who claim to be an authorized Invicta dealer. He seems legit, been there since 2001, but how do I find out if they're legit so that I know any warranty service I may need (which I doubt I'd need) in the future would be honored?
It does not matter who you buy the watch from, all warranty work is performed by Invicta, themselves.

What is important, is their Refund-Return-Exchange Policy.
Like any purchase, what are you options with the seller, before you buy, if your new watch is defective out of the box.


Check the link below, they have a great selection, take CC & Paypal, Free Shipping, and give members of the Forum a Discount.
LINK: Discount Watch Store

Even SlopXXX, one of Invicta's biggest authorized distributor, If I receive a defective item, my options are:
I can exchange it, if there is stock.
I get a refund, if there is no stock.
Or send it to Invicta for warranty service.

Amazing, is a network of smaller independents under 1 umbrella, Amazing, If I receive a defective item, my options are:
I can exchange it, if there is stock.
I get a refund, if there is no stock.
Or send it to Invicta for warranty service.

Fleabay, is a network of Independent Merchants, who abide buy governing rules, in their conduct of doing buisseness.
There, it is upon the consumer to abide the posted policies of each merchant, before conducting a transaction.
Some merchants, like The Inxxxta Oxtlet Stxre, clearly state:
New With Defects.
No Returns or Exchanges
So as soon as you receive the item, figure out why it was returned, you send it to Invicta, for Warranty Repair or Replacement.
You saved 30 to 40% for a 3-4 month wait.

Invicta stands behind his New Items that he sells, that is why Fleabay Buyer Protection, is offered.

I've bought 4 watches from him, all of them were good out of the box.
I have never bought at his BUY price.
I've always Contacted the Seller, and made him a lower offer, and he has always accepted.

I could not find the why, they were returned.
3 of them, the bracelets were unarpped, but still had the plastic on the top and bottom of the dial.
1 never made it out of the plastic, new with tags.

You can also have an issue, check the link below.
LINK: Invicta Outlet Issue.

Private Individuals are just that, Private.
Worn Once for Sizing: Means nothing to me.
In Box, New with Tags: Means nothing to me.

On an Individual Sale, I always contact the seller and ask.
NIB, Has the watch been registered for Warranty?
Yes: non transferable.
No: Can I have a copy of the Receipt?
No Receipt: No Warranty.
I use those points for price adjustment.

And lastly, enjoy your purchase!!!!!
Even if you happen to be in the Arcade at Adventureland, and win the BOOBY PRIZE!!!!

Now on the Racks at Walmart, $66.95.

I hope I didn’t offend you, respectfully, I posted my opinion, drawn on my personal experiences. I am not trying to scare you away from Invicta at all, a large portion of my growing collection is Invicta, you can read some of my other post’s to feel that out on your own.

Do your home work, ask questions, and most of all, enjoy you decisions to the fullest.

I am open to any questions or comments you have.



Hello Auto Mvmt!


You need a basic tool kit.
Here is a good starter, recommended to me by CometHunter, ( Bill)
$34. from FleaBay, with free shipping.

Basic tools fleabay


Please Feel Free to Leave: Questions, Comments, Feedback, Opinions, Criticism.
Tangine: "Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light. "

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No offense taken, Timex. I have read about the negatives of Invicta, but I am a fan of low priced automatic watches, and if I destroy one while modifying, no big deal. I currently have Invicta 9110, 9937, 3044, 3048. I also have Orient Blue Ray and Orient Beast.

I have modified the GD 3044 by polishing the band to a mirror finish with a Dremel and some buffing compound. All other watches are stock. I don't intend on EVER sending one to Invicta for repair, I'll attempt it myself then use it for spare parts if I mess it up.

The only Invictas I like are the pro diver series, especially the Grand Divers. Seiko movt, high quality bands, decent water resisitance, decent lume. What more could you ask for in a $120 watch? IMHO if they came with Sellita movements they would be even better- I like the higher beat count and smoother travel of the second hands.

Thanks for the welcome!!!
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