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Hello Folks.

I recently inherited #520 of 1000 from the 50th anniversary Accutron Spaceview Limited Edition run. For some bizarre reason, my father had purchased this beautiful watch but failed to retain ANY of the materials that came with it!

I would love to know if there is any way of obtaining the certificate, booklet, and display case that originally came with this watch. To be clear, I'm talking about this one:

View attachment 30558

Or, if this helps better, :

View attachment 30559

I don't know what all came with this watch originally, but I do know it came with this beautiful display case:

View attachment 30560

The display (with the plaque) is what I really want. Is there any way to contact Bulova and buy this case from them, or can I have one made somehow? Any info that anyone has would be helpful.

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