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I Offer Full Service For Most Hand Wind and Automatic Watches

About me

I have over 28 years of experience in repair and restoration of watches/wristwatches.
I will help you to have a nice working piece of time.
I can repair any difficulty.
I can repair any ussr, russian(cheapest price for repair), german, swiss, french, american, italian and others watches/wrist watches.
Contact me, and ask any question.
Proof of my work and FEEDBACK can be provided.

The Service Includes:

-This price are for 1 watch repair.
-Diagnostic(I will look at it FREE of charge)
-Price includes labour (Cleaning, Oiling, Adjusting Of The Movement, pieces replacement).
Complete disassembly and assembly of the watch movement, cleaning, removing the old lubricant and applying a new one as well as subsequent verification of accuracy.
-Return post(included in this price).
-Price of spare parts not included in listing price.
Our Promise To You: High Quality Work, Fast Turn Around.

***Obviously if the watch is not working, I will look at it FREE of charge and inform you of any parts that may be required (these are not included in the listing price) no work will be done until you give me reply with YES or NO. If you decide not to go ahead with the work, you incure a modest charge to cover the return P&P cost.



You are welcome!

P.S: I hope i will not be banned, because i no sell watches or watch parts. I want help community to have acces to a good service at best prices, give possiblity to anyone have a nice working piece of time and enjoy cheap prices. I sell service, but i can't found SERVICE section on forum.

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While Watch Talk Forums encourages the exchange of information, all commercial data is forbidden unless the business in question is an Official Forum Sponsor.
If anyone wishes more information about this service provider, you are encouraged to make contact with the OP by sending a Private Message.
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