Removing AR coating.

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Hi guys.

My PO has picked up a few scratches on the AR coating on top and even though they are not huge...I KNOW THEY ARE THERE!!! I've heard it is possible to remove the coating entirely but what do you use to get it off, AND... more importantly, does it make a huge differrence to the way the watch looks? Alternatively, should I just get it replaced? I'm not a diver of any kind so it's function won't be missed that much but I do like having it.

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I agree with Diver - probably less expensive to replace the whole crystal than re-coat it...

The PO bezel is one tough cookie. If you're experienced in removing diver bezels, you can probably tackle it, but I would NOT recommend it as your first one. Unlike most bezels that you can pry off from one side, you have to slowly pop it off from multiple sides at the same time (it needs to come off while staying parallel to the case). It's a real pain. I actually bought a bezel remover because the dang things so hard to remove. Now that's the way to do it.. Imagine, using the right tool for the right job.. Who'd have guess it would work!! :lol: :lol:

I'm no DIY merchant myself either. The thought of taking anything metallic to my watch scares the living daylights out of me.

And the twilights & night-lights too I'd imagine... :lol:
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