Removing AR coating.

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Hi guys.

My PO has picked up a few scratches on the AR coating on top and even though they are not huge...I KNOW THEY ARE THERE!!! I've heard it is possible to remove the coating entirely but what do you use to get it off, AND... more importantly, does it make a huge differrence to the way the watch looks? Alternatively, should I just get it replaced? I'm not a diver of any kind so it's function won't be missed that much but I do like having it.

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Hi guys

Thanks for the advice. I found the thread on this topic and have decided it is NOT a DIY job!! The word "bent" scared the hell out of me when reading about "popping off" the bezel!

I think i'll live with the scratches for the time being and maybe later get it removed professionally.

Having said that.... I didn't find the photos Houston was talking about with the AR coating removed off Aaron's PO. If anyone knows where they are hiding, i'd love to see them. I am quite a fan of the blue hue and (pretty much) invisible sapphire..... A re-coat may be in order??....
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