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From Agent Orange:

Since my Alpha Sub was dropped by my son and thus not working well, I decided to tinker around with it (I was actually hoping to reinstall the lume markers that fell off the dial, as well as set the hands to their proper positions, because of the fall, but alas, that project will have to wait another day).

What I will show you in this lesson is how to safely remove the crown. I scouted around WTF for such advice, but couldn't find it. Hence this thread.

First, unscrew the caseback counterclockwise (preferably using the appropriate tool, not the pair of pliers I used to get started ;D)

Next, unscrew the crown and pull it back to the farthest click
and locate the button (between the tip of my watch tool and the screw) that you'll need to push to remove the crown and stem

Now, depress the button (I used link remover tool but I think a sturdy, rounded toothpick could also be used effectively) with firm, not hard pressure, and use your other hand to gently pull out the crown stem

Voila! You're done (just reverse the steps to re-insert the crown stem)

Stay tuned for a second and minutes hand repair lesson, as my motivation permits :)
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