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This information was originally posted in the Invicta Forum by member lt.gary

Do this only on a bright sunny day or buy a UV lamp since sunlight or UV rays are necessary for curing the glue.

Here's how to attach your sapphire magnifier to your watch crystal:

Clean your watch crystal with alcohol put one drop of UV activated cement over 3 o'clock position and drop lens on top and then center over the date under room light. Do not expose to sunlight or UV rays until you have the cyclops centered.

After curing clean up any excess cement. There shouldn't be any, but if there is, use alcohol. You can remove a mineral magnifier with alcohol and a razor blade. But be careful not to cut yourself or scratch your watch lense, if it is made from mineral crystal. Scratching is not an issue with a sapphire crystal.

I have installed more than 50 sapphire magnifiers using sunlight and the cure time is under three minutes with UV cement.

I have removed less than powerful magnifying mineral lens from too many watches to count and then installed the sapphire lens in thier place. Usually excellent results with MUCH more magnification unless date wheel is very close to crystal.

You can get SAPPHIRE Magnifying lens at, 1-800-776-6858 page 43 of their catalogue. Sapphire Magnifiers mls-m(5.5x4.5mm) $7.50 each or $5.00 each for 3 or more; mls-l(7.0x5.5mm) same price.

I use the mls-l exclusively; They also have four sizes of mineral glass magnifiers which I DONT USE because they dont magnify nearly as well.($2.90 each or $2.30 for three or more).

You can also get mineral magnifiers at ottofrei, they do not have the sapphire magnifiers. I have not been able to find a source other than Jules Borel who will accept a credit card as payment.
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