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This was written by Mtech the Wise and originally posted in the Invicta Forum:
Hacking is fun. Most of us do it in the morning, but those poor owners of Miyota engined watches have only wished they could also hack in the morning, or any other time for that matter. :(

Contrary to popular WISdom, the Miyota 82xx series movement can be hacked, not nearly as easy to do as with a Seiko or Orient movement, but it still can be done.

There are no pills, creams, books on tape to purchase. I offer my knowledge to all those suffering in silence, free of charge. I only ask that you share this nugget of knowledge to bust the urban WIS myth that the Miyota can't hack.


Here's the first and most important caveat: The watch must not be fully wound. If you just wore it while playing tennis, cricket, or chopping a cord of wood...set it aside and wait 20 hours.

1. unscrew the stem to the time setting position.
2. apply a very slight reverse torque to the winding stem, not so much that the minute hand flys back, but just enough to make the minute hand move ever so slightly in reverse.
3. maintain this pressure for 10-15 seconds, do not let up.
4. the watch will stop.
5. jump for joy. This step is optional.

Why does this work? why does it take so much more effort than with the Seiko's or Orients? it's due to the fact that the Miyota 82xx is a indirect drive seconds hand design. There is more slack in the drive train and this is why it takes so long to get the seconds hand to stop.

Have fun, and don't forget to spread the word.[/quote]
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