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This was originally posted by Jeremy, who works for Ball:

[quote author=jeremyfromball board=ball thread=1187796680 post=1189766947][quote author=ltgary board=ball thread=1187796680 post=1187796680] ??? :p I'm interested in Ball and very curious with regard to the following. Maybe Jeremy as a representative of Ball can give a correct response. With ETA having five quality grades for each of their movements(and the 2824 or 2836 in particular) which QUALITY grade is Ball using in their non-COSC models. Also while most would PRESUME that a COSC model would use the top chronometer grade of the ETA movement that doesnt have to be the case. So additionaly I would ask Jeremy to advise as to what grade of movement Ball uses in their COSC certified watches? Thanks[/quote]

All Ball Chronometers start with Top COSC movements.
Ball calibres start with Top grade movements.
Other ETA-based nonchronometers start with Elabore movements.

Modifications & engravings vary depending on the model.[/quote]
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