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I’m excited to announce that RedSea Watches will officially be calling Watch Talk Forums home! We originally posted this in the General Forum, but now that our official forum is open, we think this is a good way to introduce ourselves and say hello!

About Us
My start-up partner, Troy, and I are a couple of Midwest guys. I grew up on a small farm in Minnesota and Troy grew up in Iowa. We both moved to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area where we’ve settled down with our small families….and by small, we mean we both had newborns when we started this journey! Well, they’ve since grown to be a couple of crazy fun two year olds and the addition of my son four months ago had made things really interesting. Needless to say, we have very supportive wives :001_smile:. Troy and I both work downtown Minneapolis so if any of you locals out there want to grab a cup of joe sometime, let us know…we’d love to meet a fellow enthusiast!

We started RedSea because, like you, we have an intense passion around dive watches and decided to take the plunge and start our own company. Yes, it is risky, but you only have one life so you’d better start living it, right?

But enough about us, this is a watch forum, I’m sure you want to know more about our watches!

Our Partner
We have both long dreamed of starting our own little watch company and finally drummed up the courage to take a risk and go for it! As some of you already know, we have partnered with Chris Wiegand (Ray Knight on WTF) of Wiegand Custom Watches and LUM-TEC. He has been absolutely instrumental in every phase of our project and will continue to be each step of the way going forward. We simply cannot say enough about our partnership.

Our Name
So why RedSea? For us, nothing told the story of what we’re trying to accomplish better than the Red Sea.

We are strong Christians that draw inspiration from both faith and interests. It is no surprise the Red Sea has numerous biblical references as well as being one of the best dive locations in the world, but it also had an interesting brush with pirates during the late 1600's. So the Red Sea became a very clear and common ground. Our end goal was evident; design a line of high quality watches that encompasses all of these things while making it affordable at the same time. We feel that our first launch accomplishes just that!

Our Design
Though using off the shelf parts would have been much easier and less expensive, we made a decision early on in the process to go with all custom molds. The case, bezel, caseback, crown, and hands will all be our own molds. We’ll be releasing two models, the Holystone and Six Pounder. Each will be produced in a limited run of 150 (75 SS & 75 PVD) for a total of 300 watches. They both feature black dials; these dials will not be flat black but will have a circular brushed finish to grab the light and give the appearance of dark gray to black depending on how the light hits it. More information about the inspirations for our design can be found on our website.

Our Movement
We chose the new Miyota 9015 over the ETA 2824-2 for specific reasons.
  • The smooth sweeping movement (28.8k BPH just like the ETA 2824)
  • It is 24 jewels and hackable (just like the 2824)
  • The Swatch Company stopped selling the 2824 so the movement is only available on the gray market (without a warranty)
  • We also anticipate this movement will be the new standard for automatic as the supply of 2824’s dwindles down
It was a tough decision to make, but one that we’re very happy with. For those of you interested in more of the tech specs, they can be found here: Miyota cal.9015 Movement

Our Pricing
Along with the quality you've come to expect from Chris' masterpieces and the use of the much anticipated Miyota 9015 high beat (28,800bph) movement, we’re really excited about our pricing. Even with our very limited quantity runs, we have been able to keep the cost for pre-orders under $600…our stainless steel models will be $565 to be exact and only $30 more for the PVD version! By taking advantage of our special pre-order pricing, you’re also entered into a drawing for a free RedSea watch of your choice!

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves and are excited to call WTF our home. Be on the lookout for our dedicated forum to open up here soon. You can also check out our website or follow us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

Josh (LIVESTRONG) and Troy (irish43)
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