Red seal on watch caseback missing...

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Okay guys, I need some advice.

As Zin knows, my beloved Speedy has been in the shop for seven weeks now. It's with the Swiss Service Group in Clearwater, Florida. They have been extremely nice and helpful. I got my Tissot Seastar 1000 back and it's working beautifully. Here goes...

Do all Omegas have the red dot paint seal on the back to show it's been factory sealed? When I bought mine from Jared it DID NOT have a red dot.

So now I'm wondering if the watch needed repair and Jared did it and it broke again eight months after I bought it. I've written to Maria at [email protected] tonight and await her answer.

Should I be concerned? :confused1:

Thanks Peeps!

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I find they stay on even after a scrub with hot soapy water and a toothbrush, I always thought the dot was factory applied and simply means the back has not been off since it left the factory.

Heard somewhere that after a service they put a blue dot on but not 100% sure on that one.
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