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Hey all,

Calling on your group wisdom to give me some feedback and info. on the Raymond Weil Freelancer watch.

From my research it appears to be a reputable and high quality manufacturer - has anyone heard or have reason to believe otherwsie? Seems to have a good quality to cost ratio with this particular line.

I have been trying to determine the movement used and can't confirm if it is using SW200 or 2824 movements. Would anyone know?

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I'm not sure which movement the Freelancer uses. I do know that I will be buying the ladies open heart Freelancer for my wife's birthday next year. IMO Raymond Weil makes really nice watches and I've heard they have great customer service too.

BTW, welcome to WTF.

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Hello and welcome to WTF. RW is a fine fashion brand with a great reputation for service.

There is some flash on the RW site that flahses up 26 Rubies, which would mean it's an SW200 v a 2824. Let us know if you find out definiteively.
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