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Britton & Sons 9ct case Made for Rolex - c1958

Hello Fellow Forum Members!

I have purchased at auction a ladies 9ct Rolex as a birthday gift for my wife.

I would welcome comments and information with regard to which model and mechanism it may be.

R&S Rolex 01.jpg

I am minded to; get the inscription ground off, have the case polished and replace the glass, (if possible), as well as servicing the mechanism.

The watch takes 20 winds and is currently in beat, ticking regularly and - so far - is keeping very good time over 24 hours. Seems to run for 36 hours on a full wind.

R&S Rolex 02.jpg

What I have learnt so far by trawling the internet is:

The 9ct gold case was "Made for Rolex" in England by B&S - Benjamin Henry Britton & Sons.

It is stamped 9 and .375 to indicate 9ct gold.

The first mark is identified as the 3 wheat sheaves in a shield on its side of the Chester assay office. I understand this office closed in 1963.

The letter K - sans serif - dates the case of the watch as assayed in 1960.

The 6 digit serial number begining 35, indicates an age for the watch of 1958.

17 rubies Swiss Rolex precision manual movement.

Snap on case back.

Wire strap bars.

I have a slide show of 19 images showing the case, face and mechanism at:
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