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Hi everybody, this is my first post on the Hamilton Forum. I'm thinking of buying a Hamilton Khaki Navy / GMT watch (reference H77615133) since I saw it for the first time and because I want to move on from collecting another "swiss" brand (Invicta) which has given me recently a lot of troubles and worries, so I wanted to ask you some questions about these models and the Hamilton brand in general. Hopefuly you'll help me to make up my mind 'cause I'm not 100% sure about the model I like the most of this brand.

1- Comparing the two brands mentioned above, and trying to be objective, do you think that Hamilton is a better constructed and finished watch? I've never had one in my hands, only pictures so far, but what I've seen makes me think so, that this watches are something else beyond the cheese.

2- Is the Khaki Navy / GMT a rugged watch, capable of becoming a daily beater and withstand some abuse?

3- Is the inner bezel lumed or at least the 12 o'clock mark? I use the bezel a lot in my watches, many times in darkness due to my job so it's an important feature to me.

4- Is it a comfortable watch to wear daily? I see the upper crown on the right side of the watch on the pictures and I think it could touch repeatedly the bone on the outside of my wrist. I never had a similar watch with that crown configuration (big screw-in crowns, like some chronos).

5- Even though I like a lot the Navy GMT model, I don't like much the display window for the names of the cities, but I could live with that. The other option would be the Khaki Navy (no GMT) which is simpler in design, though I'd like to have the GMT function in a watch.

6- Does anyone have pics of those mddels?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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This is the quartz version I bought and its plenty comfortable to wear although I have several watche I wear weekly. Its comfortable on the bracelet and strap. I have no crown problems either...HOWEVER I think you'll be disappointed in the lume, I own two Hammys; the lume is adequate, but barely...nothing like an Omega or Seiko.


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Hi Sebastian. Moving AWAY from Invicta is just a logical progression. If you are going to spend $1,000 on an Invicta, Hamilton is a better bang for the buck IMHO. I know a bit about the cheese brand since I was the administrator of the Original Invicta Forum for the better part of a year. I am certain I welcomed you to that forum several months ago and now I welcome you to this one.

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You should really find an AD and try the model on.. its going to answer lots of your questions and you'll know for sure if its for you or not...

but no doubt about it.. I would pick a Hamilton over an Invicta with closed eyes..
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