Question about the Oris F1 (40.5mm)

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I have been looking at the blue dial F1 with stainless bracelet in which I have a question. In the Oris product catalog it shows the watch with "Williams F1 Team" printed on the dial just above the day indicator. This seems to be the norm for most of the F1 watches. However, I have also seen pics of the same watch on that tv shopping channel's website identical in every way except that the dial does not have "Williams F1 Team" printed on it at all.

Is one version newer than the other? If so, what kind is the latest variant? Is the one without the printing exclusive to that 'tv shopping channel'? I wouldn't think that the one without the Williams printing on the dial is a fake, but you never know. Could anyone here enlighten me on this?

I have also posted this in the Oris forum but I know this forum is more active so hopefully someone can help.

Here are a couple of pics showing what I am referring to.

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Hi - I'd double post this in the Oris forum!
I have never seen it without the logo.

EDIT: After a google session I see examples with and without the logo.
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