question about crown collection

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it has been awhile since ive last posted on this board and i have a question to ask regarding the crown collection timepieces.......ive taken notice that many of these pieces at the various local ad's ive visited all have older serial numbers as far back as "k" series.

i recently special ordered a ladies platinum dj with a white diamond mop dial and specifically requested my ad for an "m" series serial number and he is having some degree of difficulty accommodating my requirements.

he called me last week and informed me rolex n.y. just received a handful of ladies platinum dj with white diamond mop dial but none in the "m" series. is this common with the crown collection pieces and has anyone purchased a piece recently from the crown collection with the latest "m" series serial number. any information will be greatly appreciated. take care and have fun.
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We love drooling over platinum Rolexes! Please post pics!

I recently got my wife a SS DJ with the 18K white gold bezel. I wanted to get her something unique, so I opted for the black MOP dial. Have you seen them both? The white MOP with pick hues I thought my wife would enjoy, but when we went in she LOVED the green, purple, and orange hues that the black MOP dial had. Its a really great combination. She loves it's chameleon like nature in that it seems to pick up whatever she is wearing and gives off complementary hues.

Of course, you'll love either. I just thought I'd ask if you'd seen the black MOP.
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