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Picked up an Invicta Leviathan Reserve 6660. Leviathan is the right name for it! LOL It's huge, and I like it! :biggrin:

However, even with my 8 inch wrist the 10 and 1/2 inch strap is too big, but that might explain why they put and Invicta Reserve icon on the inside! I don't find the rubber (?) strap comfortable at all since it one hole the watch tries to slide to the side of my wrist and one additional hole makes it just a hair too tight and that would preclude wearing it for extended periods.

Would Invicta's customer service be my only option to have the strap changed out for a bracelet? Hopefully, a 9 and 1/2 and I'd adjust it from there! :eek:hmy:

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Very Nice Watch!!!!

Unfortunately, some of the case designs, do not lend them selves to 3rd party, straps or bracelets.
I've seen some model's use double spring bars, or unique hardware, that leaves you no option.

First you have to find, the strap or bracelet, that you want.
Then call Invicta Customer Service, get price and availability.
Tell them you want Price & Availability for a Strap or Bracelet for Model# xxxxxx.
Let them know it's for another model.
Price will be high, and the wait can be long.

Invicta Customer Service. Call 800-327-7682 . Mon - Fri . 9am - 5pm EST

I have bought watches on ebay, just for the band, cheaper than getting the band from Invicta.

Do a GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH, = Invicta Leviathan Reserve.
And on some, it works like below.
Do a GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH, = Invicta 6660, and go up a few numbers and down.
Invicta 6658
Invicta 6659
Invicta 6660
Invicta 6661
Invicta 6662
Invicta 6663

And pick what you like.

Yours, 6660

Invicta Leviathan Reserve 1957

Invicta Leviathan Reserve 11867
Regular watch width,Leather 26mm wide.

Invicta Leviathan Reserve 11022
Full watch width, notched Leather CUFF BAND, 35mm wide.

Slebay, Invicta Watch Parts: AS IS $40.
Invicta Leviathan Reserve 1957

Slebay Invicta Watch Parts: AS IS $122.
Two, Invicta Leviathan Reserve 1958

Good Luck, and enjoy the hunt!


And post pics, when you get it!!!!

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Thanks for the advice Tim! You were right Invicta wants too much for a band (plus labor, plus shipping) I'm already looking at a used older version with a bracelet that is the right size band and may end up being a simple swap. And, now I know to stay away for the poly bands in the future or buy smaller watches! :eek:hmy:
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