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Good afternoon, first post ever on this or any other watch forums. I am looking to purchase a PO 42mm and have a few questions after reading some of the posts referencing the anti-glare coating and how it scratches easily, now I will not be wearing my new PO to any activities besides the office and casual wear but I need to ask what owners of this particular watch have to say about this. Please help.
Also, what are the thoughts on buying a pre-owned watch and where to get it from.

Thank you,

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That first scratch is the worst... I have a few in my coating now, but I found that if you wax the crystal face with hard Carnauba car wax, it makes them disappear.

Of course eventually the wax washes off, but you just re-apply it then.

Otherwise the crystal, like the rest of the watch, is very durable (coming from a guy who is hard on watches)
The PO crystal is coated in and out. The previous generation SMP is coated inside only.

The co-axial movement is supposed to need service every 10 years; however mine is in for service now. I have owned it less than 10 years, but I did get it used...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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