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Agreed. I want to know why this watch is so expensive, seeing that it is Unitas movement. I understand that the case is gold (14k), but $34,000 is still a ridiculous price.


For a watch with a Unitas movement?

Um..... I like the dial. It's different and I dig things that you don't see on every Tom, Dick, and Harry's wrist. But that price is 3 times more than I expected at my highest estimate!

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Fair question! The quick answer is:
It's not so much a watch as it is a uniquely designed and manufactured work of art. The case was specially designed and manufactured by Martin Brooch exclusively for Prokop & Broz, and the case alone consists of 18 individual parts! Even the four lugs were made and assimilated individually onto the case.
Though it is a Unitas movement, what you see is NOT what came from the factory. The watch has retrograde complications (left and right) which Unitas was not responsible for. P & B had to take the movement completely apart, set aside a good portion of the gear train, and create and install the retrograde complication into the body of the movement. This complication was further customized by having the retrograde hands controlled with "snail components which rotate and control the movement of the hands back to the zero position". If that weren't enough, several parts had to be carefully rhodium plated and others plated in black Ruthenium. Here's something else: that movement came from the factory unplated. Now, these parts are made to very fine tolerances. When you add metal like plating those tolerances go right out the window. The proper amount of metal had to be shaved off the parts in critical areas to compensate for the added thickness given by the plating. I know were talking really really tiny numbers here, but in a fine watch movement it does not take that many extra microns to throw off the finely-adjusted accuracy! The dial of this fantastic watch was designed by an entirely different artisan (George Lammel) for P & B.
From start-to-finish, this took an unbelievably large amount of time to accomplish.
Presentation of the watch is finished off by a custon-made fine wooden box hand-polished and upholstered in leather, Also included is a pair of white gold cufflinks designed to go with the watch and a special presentation art book.

(Whew!...and this was just the short answer.)

Add all of these factors together and that's why it costs whan it does.
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