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Hi I'm new to this forum and would like to ask the members for there thoughts on a problem I have.

In Febuary I bought a new TAG SLR CAG2111 at a cost of nearly 3k retail, In October I noticed the hour hand had dropped out of sync by half an hour so at the top of the hour the hand indicated half past. On this watch there is no way to adjust the hand (on my classic 2000 you can) so off it went via Goldsmiths to be fixed 5 weeks later I got it back all fixed.

I don't wear the watch every day so it quite oftens stops after about a day of not wearing it.

2 weeks after having it fixed I set the time and put it on and went out for the evening about 11pm I checked the time and was amazed to see the same thing had happened again to say I was annoyed was an understatement.

Ok I appreciate there are better and more expensuve watches on the market but I don't describe this as a cheapy and honestly expect better my classic is 6 years old and apart from 1 battery it has never failed.

I have spoken to TAG who gave me the standard line of send it back so we can have a look at it.

Has anybody experienced this problem before?
Would you accept a repair or ask for your money back?
I'm thinking of Money back and buying an Omega as I have a 45+ year old omega classic auto which never fails.
I think at least a brand new replacement which might be hard as supposidly only 3500 of these where made.

Your thought and advice would be appreciated


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