Problem with Accutron

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Hello Everybody!

I bought Calibrator a few weeks ago and after a few minor adjustments it was running great. It was set by me one notch above the center bar and was losing about 2 seconds per day while gaining them back during night time while laying on the night stand face up. So, overall it was zeroed withing 24 hour period. It ran like that for two weeks and then something happened. For no apparent reason (no magnetic fields or hard impacts or drops) it started to run fast. Really Fast! I tried to set calibrator to the maximum negative position (-), but all I got was about 40 seconds fast per day. If I move calibrator to the max (+) it runs 2 minutes fast per day. I bought this watch from one of the Amazon's vendors, so they do not want to replace it, but agree to repair it under 2 year warranty offered by them. It is a hassle. But the thing is that I do not really understand what could have caused such a dramatic change in my watch's behavior. It appears that calibrator still controls speed of the watch, but at much higher than normal rate. Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how to address this problem? I have a big suspicion that seller does not really have much experience with calibrator watches, so I am not particularly happy about letting them poke around my piece. Although I may not have much choice....

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Welcome to the forum! Sorry you are having problems with your Accutron. Sounds like it may need phasing or adjustment of the pawl fingers as they meet the index wheel. If the watch is out of phase it can begin to run very fast. As to why it suddenly did so, who knows. I bought one that would gain a couple of hours within a 24 hour period. This adjustment should be done by a competent Accutron trained watchmaker.
Isn't this model an automatic mechanical movement ?
Why would it have pawl fingers and an index wheel. Or did I miss something?
To the original poster, is your "Accutron" a vintage tuning fork Accutron or a modern watch with a quartz or mechanical movement? By your 2 second comment I assumed you were referring to a vintage tuning fork Accutron.
Ah, interesting. I was going by the "2 second" comment - as in Accutron tuning fork expectations. Thanks.
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