Price Increases

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Called AD

New price books are in

I asked for a few prices

I think I am on the money here:

GMT ll c $6,825

DD presidentials $24,750

Daytona SS $9,200

Subs no date $5300

Sub Date $6225

Big increases

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I too doubt that prices would ever go down. But they shouldn't need to worry about less demand for a long time anyway. Thanks to the world's growing economies, there are more people than ever both willing and able to spend thousands on a watch. Even a world wide recession would be unlikely to reverse that trend.
I just updated my Rolex Price Evolution (prices starting since 1957) page at with the March 1 prices. Feel free to shoot me any additions or omissions by hitting the contact button on the page.

That's an outstanding price resource Sheldon! Thanks!
Sheldon, Is the price of the ladies SS DJ correct? It went from $3,575 to $5,050??? If so, that's 41%!!!! :eek:hmy: :eek:hmy: :eek:hmy: :scared:

Though if it is correct I see it's been $3,575 since Feb '05 (which stayed the same thru 3 increases)
Yes indeed....very good research and reference! :thumbup1:
Thanks Sheldon!
I received a couple of questions on the DateJust price and made, what I think, is the correction. My original list from a Rolex AD, on what looked 10th generation xerox, took some deciphering because of the variations available, especially on the DateJust models....

May have missed this.... what is the average increase in % points? 2% 5% 10%?
Thanks a bunch, sheldon....what about the lady TT datejust? My mother in law has one. I do not see that on your list, but is on our WTF list.... Also, I bought my wife a SS hidden clasp w/WG fluted bezel with Black MOP late last year...wondering how much I "saved" :) Will get in touch with my AD and get back to you to add it to the list.
May have missed this.... what is the average increase in % points? 2% 5% 10%?
Never mind! Just saw the chart. Guess I need glasses! :crying:

Your website is now officially a "favorite" in my Explorer.

Thanks for the reference.


ps. Do you by chance have the same matrix for Porsche 911s from 1968 to present? That would just make it all great..
41 - 51 of 51 Posts
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