Price Increases

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Called AD

New price books are in

I asked for a few prices

I think I am on the money here:

GMT ll c $6,825

DD presidentials $24,750

Daytona SS $9,200

Subs no date $5300

Sub Date $6225

Big increases

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My AD just told me I can buy the GMT II today at $5950 or $1000 more tomorrow.
I was after both the:

GMTII - $5950 and the SeaDweller - $5375.00

I couldn't decide between them so I bought both:blink:

Since they both go up $1000 tomorrow I'm hoping it wasn't a bad move. I did get 10% of the SD on today's prices and $100 off the GMT (best I could find anywhere)

I have to go so my wife can kill me now. It's been nice knowing ya all....
I have to say I'm still in shock. That is 4 watches in 14 months! 2 Seamasters (Bond and 2254.50) and now the 2 from yesterday. I have to say I'm looking at the long term on these and I'm tired of "watch"ing the prices go up around me.

A get together sounds great! But I'm gonna be pretty broke for awhile....:blush:

Has Rolex ever dropped their prices?
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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