Price Increases

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Called AD

New price books are in

I asked for a few prices

I think I am on the money here:

GMT ll c $6,825

DD presidentials $24,750

Daytona SS $9,200

Subs no date $5300

Sub Date $6225

Big increases

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I just drove to the AD and put 10% down on the SS Sub. So I am locked in at $5175.00. But I am still waiting for a GMT II so I can compare the two watches. The best they would do for the price of the new GMT II is $6200.00.

So, now I'm in the waiting mode...

Yep, Scott D has it correct... Since they didn't have it in stock, they will only give me 10% of the new price... The SS Sub is looking very good at this point. But you never know. I may fall in love with the GMT.

1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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