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The First Book Macro Watch Photography Ready For Pre-Order

Dayton Ohio USA, February 2008 – John B. Holbrook, II, freelance writer & photographer in the luxury watch industry announced today that pre-ordering in now available on the first instructional book to ever be written about the macro watch photography. The title of the book is, MACRO WATCH PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS.

"I've always wanted to write a book to help watch enthusiasts as well as those who sell watches online take better watch photographs." "I've been taking watch photos for a long time, but when I first started out, I struggled for a long time with camera settings, lighting, and photo editing." "Hopefully no one will have to struggle again after reading this book."

John Holbrook's name is well-known in the luxury watch community. Not only has he written about and photographed watches for nearly every luxury watch trade publication in the US including IW Magazine, WATCHTIME, HR: Watches, WATCH & JEWELRY REVIEW, and CHRONOS, but he also owns the watch enthusiast online discussion forum WATCH TALK FORUMS ( and the ROLEX REFERENCE PAGE ( John is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), as well as having been accepted for four years running in Canon Professional Services (CPS).

Providing editorial assistance on this project is Scott Driscoll, well known in the wrist watch enthusiast community as Administrative Team Member on WATCH TALK FORUMS. According to Scott, “John Holbrook's e-book, Macro Watch Photography for Beginners is a must have tool for anyone just starting, or wanting to start, macro photography! Whether you're taking pictures for the fun of it or to better sell your products online, Macro Watch Photography for Beginners provides you easy to follow techniques, instructions & tips for taking great macro photographs & further enhancing them via editing techniques. While focused on watch photography the techniques discussed in Macro Watch Photography for Beginners can be used for just about any macro photography application. Even those who already have a basic understanding of macro photography will gain knowledge & techniques from John's easy to follow instructions. John provides simple solutions to some of macro photography's complex basic problems. “

MACRO WATCH PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS is 120 pgs. in length, and is will ship to those who pre-order the book on March 10, 2008 as an eBook in .PDF format for a retail price of $30.00. Pre-order information can be found on or by clicking here to go to the pre-order page.

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