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Bulova broadens its legacy of innovation with Bulova Time, an alarm clock and world time iPhone application with the accuracy of the atomic clock and the simplicity of Bulova’s first alarm clocks. Bulova proudly unveils Bulova Time as a force, fusing fashion and function in an easy-to-use app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

“Bulova is the first in the watch industry to make an app worth using every day,” says Eric Hoffman, Vice President of Marketing at Bulova Corporation. “By leveraging Bulova’s iconic design and dedication to uncompromising precision, we created the Bulova Time alarm and world time app to reflect our commitment to innovation since 1875.”

Bulova Time was created in honor of the company’s history in timekeeping, paying tribute to the first full line of men’s and ladies’ jeweled wristwatches, the first plant dedicated to the standardization of watch parts, the first clock radio, the first fully-electronic wristwatch with Accutron and now Bulova Time, the first iPhone alarm and world time application from the watch industry.

Two functions — an alarm and a world time display — distinguish Bulova Time from other alarm and world time applications. Upon opening the app, the time syncs with five governmental atomic clocks, ensuring unbeatable precision. In addition, Bulova Time’s aesthetic is inspired by six Bulova timepieces adapted for the iPhone interface:

Men’s Bulova Precisionist (98B142)
Men’s Bulova Marine Star (98B104)
Men’s Bulova Mechanical (96A107)
Men’s Bulova Dress (96A102)
Ladies’ Bulova Precisionist (96R154)
Ladies’ Bulova Diamond (96R19)

Each timepiece is representative of the capabilities of the actual Bulova watch. For instance, because Bulova Precisionist is renowned as the most accurate watch in the world with a continuously sweeping second hand, Bulova Time displays a sweeping second hand on its Precisionist models; the rest ‘tick’. The three timepieces with date windows (98B142, 98B104, 96R19) actually display the date.

The world time function allows users to view up to eight different time zones within one interface, associating each time zone with a different timepiece by Bulova. Time zone accuracy is ensured by atomic clock synchronization.

For more information, follow the link to the Bulova News page.

[Photo & story Bulova Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved & courtesy Bulova Corporation]
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