Preserving Accutron Life: Battery In or Out

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So I've got myself a bit of an Accutron collection. It's come together quickly over the last few months. Nothing too expensive, but all watches I enjoy. Does an accutron 'last' longer with the battery in or battery out? I have enough Accutron's that's they won't all be worn regularly. I hate to have them all crap out or need servicing in a couple of years. Thanks for any advice.

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I'm not qualified to answer your question, all I can tell you is what I do. I'm up to about 70 Accutrons and it is too much hassle to keep batteries in all of them so, at the beginning of each moth, I select about 6 to use that month and I put batteries in them and take the batteries out of the ones I used the last month. When I get a new one, I get it serviced so I know that all of them have lubricant in them. This seems to work very well.
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