Preserving Accutron Life: Battery In or Out

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So I've got myself a bit of an Accutron collection. It's come together quickly over the last few months. Nothing too expensive, but all watches I enjoy. Does an accutron 'last' longer with the battery in or battery out? I have enough Accutron's that's they won't all be worn regularly. I hate to have them all crap out or need servicing in a couple of years. Thanks for any advice.

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Skypilot has a great solution to the "problem". I have not as yet done that but am about to. One good thing about Accutrons is that after they are competently serviced and with modern lubricants they should be good-to-go for a long time baring a component failure. For the Accutrons, Bulova did not recommend periodic service as they did for their mechanicals. Bulova recommended service when the watch could no longer be regulated for accurate time keeping or when it stopped functioning.
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