Polished pre-owned pieces?

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Hi guys. Some advice needed please.

I really am needing to scratch a GMT itch that I have.
I have always loved the Omega Seamaster 50th Anniversary GMT model which is of course discontinued now.
I've been on the look out for a good condition, pre-owned watch and have been scouring the internet (eBay, Chrono24 etc...) and I keep seeing these watches being sold from Japan but that have been 'Polished'! I've always bought new up until now so am a bit warey... Should I steer clear of polished pieces or are they ok? I've heard that polishing can really change the weight/look of the watch.
Any advise is really appreciated!
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And (probably) needless to say: you have to think twice about buffing those plated pieces. You really don't know how thin the plating is, or (if the watch is second-owner) how much plating is left.
It really is easy to buff right down to the metal underneath, and then your watch looks worse than before you started.
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