PO Rubber Strap

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I have been thinking of changing my SS bracelet, for a little while, to the rubber dive strap.

I see that Ofrei has it for $176 which does not include the buckle. I believe I would be getting the 22mm one since I have the 45mm PO. Nevertheless, is there anywhere I can get a rubber strap for less than this but is an authentic Omega product? Thanks

Also, I had a quick questions if I were to purchase such a strap. How would I go about inserting it. When I flip the PO around I can see the pins in place holding the bracelet. I have a specific tool for watches that looks as if it is made for such removal. However, I have never tried it. Anyone have advice? (Zin, I know you are out of this questions :D)
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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