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I haven't paid the auction house yet because I'm concerned it's a fake. I won the auction last night and may back out, if possible.

My issue is the name on the face which reads, "Patek Philippe & Co." Shouldn't it read, "& Cie"?

Any advice / thoughts?

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Patek uses the French "Cie" and not the English "Company."
I'm forced to ASSUME (pictures would have been nice - people rarely make auction bids without actually SEEING the lot merchandise) you're talking about a pocket watch, rather than a wrist-watch which would say only Patek Philippe. Of course, there IS always the outside chance that the dial paint on a genuine Patek was damaged, and whoever did the repair made a mistake, but there's no way of confirming this without photos to examine.
Advice? Since you don't want an expert's opinion, and with the little I know, play it safe and back out of the deal, unless you can afford to take the risk.
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