Please comment on Tag Heuer

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I recently started looking at the Tag Links series and the Tag Aquaracer series as a "sports/dress" watch combo. Since we do not have a Tag forum, I was wondering if any of you have comments or experience on the quality with this brand.
How do they compare to any of the Omega Constellations? That's my first choice, but I have not pulled the trigger yet because of the 35mm size. The Tag's are 39mm.
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If you want my HONEST opinion, I would go with Omega. Tag is an ok watch, do not get me wrong; but, they do not have the prestige as Omega IMHO. Also, Tag's do not have a good resale value either. Omega does fare better.

A few things to consider:

1: What watch looks better on your wrist?

2: USUALLY the first choice is the best.

3: Ask Mr. Houston about Omega in the Omega forum to get his opinion, and others on Omega.

4: If Mr. Wilfreb does not post to this, send him a PM. He favors Tags.

Between Mr. Houston and Mr. Wilfreb, you will get two very informative opinions of the watches they like best.

5: Price. Is cost a factor? Much difference?

6: Service. I hear very good things about Omega's CS (Exception, New Jersey). Others can comment about Tag.

7: Let us know what you decide!
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CONGRATS!!!!! How about dropping by the Omega forum and telling us all about it? Maybe even a pic or two?
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