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I recently started looking at the Tag Links series and the Tag Aquaracer series as a "sports/dress" watch combo. Since we do not have a Tag forum, I was wondering if any of you have comments or experience on the quality with this brand.
How do they compare to any of the Omega Constellations? That's my first choice, but I have not pulled the trigger yet because of the 35mm size. The Tag's are 39mm.

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i have both a tag (f1)and a omega (smp) and like them both but the omega has much more wrist time for me..... i usually put the tag on when i need to time many events during a certian day as it has the split second chrono.

if it were me i would buy the omega first.

good luck

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If you want my HONEST opinion, I would go with Omega. Tag is an ok watch, do not get me wrong; but, they do not have the prestige as Omega IMHO. Also, Tag's do not have a good resale value either. Omega does fare better.

A few things to consider:

1: What watch looks better on your wrist?

2: USUALLY the first choice is the best.

3: Ask Mr. Houston about Omega in the Omega forum to get his opinion, and others on Omega.

4: If Mr. Wilfreb does not post to this, send him a PM. He favors Tags.

Between Mr. Houston and Mr. Wilfreb, you will get two very informative opinions of the watches they like best.

5: Price. Is cost a factor? Much difference?

6: Service. I hear very good things about Omega's CS (Exception, New Jersey). Others can comment about Tag.

7: Let us know what you decide!

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I think you may be comparing apples and oranges. The Constellation is quite a dressy watch compared to the Tag Link and more so to the sporty Aquaracer. And because of this the Omega is slightly smaller than the Tags.

IMHO, Omegas are a notch above Tags and would hold their value much better but are generally also more expensive to begin with.

Bottom line, which ever looks much better on your wrist and makes you smile more is the one to get.

I own both brands and love them both.

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I'd favor an Omega over a TAG when choosing the brand. However individual models might pull me into the TAG camp. I don't own any TAG products and traditionally I'm not very drawn to them.

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A jeweler once told me that Omega appeals to the older generation and Tag appeals to the younger generation. I must agree, I own both but feel the Omega carries more of a reputation than the Tag. Maybe its due to watching all the James Bond movies growing up, he always wore an Omega.
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