Please can someone advise on gifted Vacheron re authenticity?

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Hi, my husband has been given a watch by his Father that claims to be a Vacheron Constantin Chronograph, although as we do not know how to tell the difference and it was a gift to his Father several years ago, we would appreciate an experienced take on things. I have attached some photos - please ignore the strap, that has been changed for preference, the original one is still around. The calender runs out at the end of 2015.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, I hope I have posted in the right forum. :blush:


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Here's a picture of a Timex I own with a Chinese movement in it.

Note the similarity of the layout and the sun/moon disc is a classic Chinese accessory.

How does the year and month advance? Automatically or do you have advance them manually?

For all I know, it could be real, but the year, month, sun/moon displays all scream Chinese fake.

I just can't ever image VC putting a sun/moon/day/night dial in any of their watches.

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