Please can someone advise on gifted Vacheron re authenticity?

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Hi, my husband has been given a watch by his Father that claims to be a Vacheron Constantin Chronograph, although as we do not know how to tell the difference and it was a gift to his Father several years ago, we would appreciate an experienced take on things. I have attached some photos - please ignore the strap, that has been changed for preference, the original one is still around. The calender runs out at the end of 2015.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, I hope I have posted in the right forum. :blush:


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There are three things I noted before I even clicked on the thumbnails.
The first is that a genuine Vacheron calendar would not "stop" after 2015. The calendar would continue on into the next century. Also, I know of no watch (by ANY make) that has 3 push-pieces on the right-hand side along with a crown (winding knob). It would make it too easy to push the wrong piece by accident. That smaller "third" pushbutton would normally be found on the other side of the case, located in the 10 o'clock position, and only on models that do not have those two regular push-pieces at the 2 and 4. And the rotor (that triangular thing on the back of the watch that swings back-and-forth) is shaped all wrong. It is the style of rotor we see on very inexpensive Asian movements.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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