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I'm planning to snag the 8927OB Pro Diver on Amazon for $83 to be my beater watch when I'm working in the field. I like the gold as I have a gold wedding band and although I'll typically wear a silicone with this watch, the versatility to wear it with my wedding band is nice.

I'm going to swap the band to a NATO, but matching a color to the gold is tough. Sure, all black would work, but I'd prefer something more interesting. I'm a fan of the black/grey Bond NATO, but not sure if it will look good.

Does anyone have the 8927OB Pro Diver and is able to slap a black/grey Bond NATO on it with a pic?

Also, considering a black/beige Bond NATO. Would love to see a pic of that if someone has it.

And of course, would love to see the watch on any different NATO if anyone has a cool combo.
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