Pay attention 007!

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Anyone for black-ops?
:lol: :thumbup:

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Is that a sub-compact Glock?

BTW, nice pics!!!!
Paule - deadly combos there! Love the Gerber! :thumbup1:
It's a Glock 26 (replica) it's high time Mr Bond returned to the Sub in my opinion, the G26 would be the perfect partner i think!
Oh yeah! Nice photos. I agree Bond needs the Sub. :thumbup:
Great pictures...:thumbup::thumbup:

Love that second one..:001_wub:
Great pics! The new COSC Sub looks great.
Oh Yeah Oh Yeah.. Ok you all are working on me with the Sub's :lol:

For those who haven't seen it. Here is John Brozek's article on the 007 Sub history.
Hey LarryD,

Is that a Smith Model 28 with a non date sub?

Tempus Fugit,

Barnaby Jones???:lol:
Who stole Grandpa's iron? :lol:
Looks like an S&W...a .357 or possibly a .45
007 is using a new watch these days...

I tried an experiment last night, and here are the results:

(also in this thread in Omega Land, along with some other strap options)

Not bad, Eh?:thumbup1:
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