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Hey all,

I have a watch that my father handed down to me many years ago. The watch needs another link and I started researching to find one (yes I gained weight lol) and started to find no clear comparable watch. As I understand, my watch is one of the original 1000 production watches.

Interesting is that I cannot find any of these that have traded with the same configuration of full stainless, and the engraving mark in the clasp mechanism, looks like none of the watches I have found online.

I would appreciate info on this timepiece. As the prototype sold for over $400k.

A similar 5060 with a rubber band, serial number 140 less than mine, sold for about $200,000 USD I found online.

I also found a website selling this watch for $10,000.USD

Most watches that are similar I see in the $20,000 range.

This is the info from in the watch when it was serviced and attached are the actual watch pictures. I would appreciate feedback as to what this watch may be worth.

I would rather have a boat!

My watch details are the following
Inside the case back, when removed, it has
Patek Philippe
Acier Inoxydable

Stainless bracelet with stamping that do not look like the ones I found. I wonder if this is a early production model of the 1000.

On the movement inside
30 jewel
Serial Number --- 3025359

My watch has crude stamp on bracelet, and the movement 330/194 ?
Im pretty sure this is 5060 A – 001 Automatic but appears more like 5066 J-001

THis watch i found online , that sold for $200k usd had this description:

Brand Patek Philippe
Model Aquanaut
Reference 5060A-001
Year Circa 1997
Calibre  330SC, n°3023218
Case No. 4021704 (MY WATCH NUMBER IS 4021844)
Bracelet Patek Philippe blue rubber with stainless steel deployment clasp (I only have the stainless strap, no rubber)
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We are not watch evaluators. I would recommend you find a local authorized distributor for Patek, let them have a look at your watch & confirm its legitimacy and then ask them give you an idea of its value. In Miami, that AD appears to be "Kirk Jewelers".
Great suggestion! They are going to look at records, this store was down the street from my fathers law practice, and they know who he is. They are going to do a deep dive, but this will only provide a receipt (which would be great for origin)

As less then 1000 of these were made, and the unit 140 serial numbers lower (same size) sold for 200k, and no recent transactions, I dont want to pay $1000 for an appraisal, as I already paid for one appraisal and they were WAY off on value. Near me is a pawn shop that specialize in Rolex, the guy on the spot offered me $15,000 for a trade, and when I saw how fast he offered this, it led to the beginning of my research.

Thanks all for input.

Any suggestions to other blogs ? Ive never posted to a blog before this.

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I'm not suggesting your watch is not legit but i will say that if i was in the market for one and a private vendor (such as yourself) could not 'prove' this watch was legit, I would not likely consider buying your watch or if i did so, it would be on my terms not yours. In my view, not only will the store where your father reportedly bought the watch provide a receipt, they should be able to provide a letter of provenance which is very important to buyers of these types of watches. It's your call on how you want to spend your money but it would not surprise me that a watch with confirmed provenance sells for more $$$ than one without. Another site you can check out is Chrono24. You can read up on these types of buy/sell sites here in this article.

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Contact Patek and send the watch in to them, they will give you a letter from the archives that will number One, prove that the watch is original. Two confirm that the numbers match between the case back, movement and paperwork and also what dealer they may have sold it to and the cost back then. It going to cost some some but for insurances purposes and if you do decide to cell it is like a Birth Certificate. I had sent a diamond to the GIA Lab in NY so that there would be no haggling about what my dealer said versus what you are saying and pay the extra $50 to have the report number lazer engraved into the diamond and let all the buyers know its there and matches the report
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