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Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone knew any resources I could go to, in order to potentially track down a Patek Philippe watch that was purchased and then sold many years ago.

A friend of mine unfortunately had to sell it for financial reasons in 2002 and for sentimental reasons, I would love to assist in being able to locate it. It was model # 3998 G Calatrava - Small Size - Automatic 18KT White Gold.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Seriously??? There's no way in hell that it would be practical for Patek to keep records of secondary sales of individual watches...I'm not even sure they track the original owners of their watches! You'd better hope your buddy can remember who he sold the watch to back then ...AND pray that the guy still owns it!!
In fact, you'd be better off just looking for another P-P 3998G on eBay!
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