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I came across an Patek Philippe Nautilus on an underground forum at a bargain price ... i know it sounds to good to be real, but the guy said he is wiling to even have an
authenticity review ... he even sent me some pics and videos with the watch as I suggested so I'm posting some of the pics and videos here ... if anyone around
(preferable a watch owner) can review the pictures and give me an advice about the watch if it's fake or not I would be more than grateful.



Thank you in advance,
Kind regards !

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No, it doesn't sound too good to be true, because you're not telling us what the price is. And it would have been nice to know the identity of that "underground forum", so that we'd have something concrete to investigate.
Also, who "that guy" is. Does he have references you can contact who can vouch for his integrity?

The videos don't upload for me (but I suspect that's the fault of my out-of-date browser). The pretty photos look okay, but (A) they're not really macro shots, and (B) what proof do we have (or you, for that matter) that the photos are of the actual watch being sold? And what guarantee do YOU have that you can return the watch for a refund if you are not satisfied?

Without knowing more, all I can tell you is that if you're not 100% sure of "this guy" or his sweet deal, turn your back and walk away.
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