Panerai Traumatic Stress Disorder

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It's probably been covered, but I don't feel like searching. I toss and turn almost every night dreaming of a one day aquisition of a Submersible or Slytech. At around 9,000 and 15,000 respectively, I doubt it will soon if ever happen. Can anyone explain why these things are so expensive? Hell, they are just slightly modified 7750's. They claim to have invented the graduated ratcheting bezel, but I believe a few companies make that assertion as well. They also hold in high esteem their "miraculously thick 4.5mm crystal." Thats cool, but my SubAqua Noma 2 has 7mm crystals. What in the world commands these prices? It could'nt be the free rubber strap thrown in with a purchase of either could it?
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The cases are constructed by tri-lingual Italian water elves who only work on every third Thursday. At night. When no one is watching.
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