Package Received from Glashutte Original

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  1. 2008 Product Catalogue and Price list
  2. Magazine Momentum (my second one from them, a little dated but still great reading)
  3. DVD

Pic of my favourite GO, the Senator Chronograph "Pilot series" :thumbup:
Group Shot of the booty
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Very nice. That should keep you reading and drooling for a while. Only a matter of time before you pull the proverbial trigger....:001_rolleyes:
thanks dh. Hmmm, I've actually been thinking over and over about the GO's I like. The very next thing after the face is the movement for me. I LOVE :001_wub: the decorated movements and finishing of the GO's! :001_tt1:

The Senator Chrono (non-Pilot) has the clear sapphire caseback, but not the black dial and blued hands I love on the one pictured. Hence, I'll have to do some enquiries to see if under the solid caseback of the Pilot, is the same decorated movement. Then I'll have to contact Thomas Preik, Germany to see if he can supply a clear caseback for this piece!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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