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I haven't been looking much at Oris for perhaps a year now but was noticing their newer (I think) Artelier Pointer Day. I have tried on the TT1 and it's 44mm size actually wears smaller than that and I found it perfect.

I like the Pointer Day but wonder if it "wears as big as it sounds" or "wears smaller than that". The reason I ask is because it was my experience at least with the TT1 that when you actually wear the watch it just doesn't seem that big. Oris had another Pointer Day a few years ago and I missed out on it and really like this new model but at 45mm at least for most brands, this would be what I would consider too big for me. Does anyone here own one or tried one on? (My wrist size is 7.5", about roughly average I suppose.) Thanks in advance.

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