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Breitling Colt 43, Omega Seamaster 300, Oris Williams F1
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The Oris Airstream came through town and paid a visit to my local AD:

Cloud Sky Tire Motor vehicle Wheel

Cloud Wheel Sky Tire Vehicle

Interior design Hat T-shirt Travel Fedora

Property Cabinetry Interior design Automotive design Drawer

Building Wood Flooring Symmetry Ceiling

Of course, I had to sample some of the line. I'm not necessarily in the market for a new watch right now, but I'm also not necessarily not in the market for a new watch right now...

Watch Analog watch Rectangle Watch accessory Clock

Watch Analog watch Everyday carry Clock Watch accessory

This is the one that really caught my eye. I have huge wrists (9-1/2"), so at 44mm it's a great fit. And, for only $2,100, why not?

Watch Analog watch Clock Everyday carry Watch accessory

So, needless to say I didn't leave with a watch, but I did leave with a new hat. That's a good thing, since my old one, which I got when I bought my Williams F1 17 years ago, is trashed:

Hat Cricket cap Cap Baseball cap Grey

If the Oris Airstream is coming through your town, I highly recommend checking it out...


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