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Well, in order for me to get the Ananta Spring Drive I had to prune a few watches from my collection:scared:

Nothing wrong with any of my Orients and I still highly recommend them:001_smile:

At first it was a difficult decision as I loved each one of them. I miss the CFT skeleton from time to time but every time I slip the Ananta on my wrist and gaze at the ultra smooth gliding seconds hand, I know that letting go of some of these watches was well worth the effort. The "sacrifices" one have to make to get your grails:T:lol:

At least I got to keep the CFA World Timer:w00t:

Perhaps one day you'll find yourself in the same predicament.:biggrin:
I hear what your saying MD. actually, i came the other way, starting my watch collecting with mid-high end swiss watches thinking they were the be all and end all of horological world but after 7 of them i started visiting watch forums to learn more and an interesting thing happened. i found my gratification for new watches could be achieved without spending a few k every time by seeing the japanese for what they really are [unbelievable value high quality watches] and not what i thought they were [cheap and universal quartz watches]. man, i didnt even know the japanese made mechanical watches till early last year!:blushing::blush::eek:hmy: my back pocket thanks me as well!

i like your reasoning of justification for the ananta, cause the spring drive movement is so inspired it has no equal in the horological world and that my friend is worth sacrificing for:thumbup1: no doubt, ill end up with a spring drive, just not sure if i will flip to shorten the ride or wait longer, i just like all my watches too much to let any go:confused1: i spose this is the fun thing about being WIS, its not the destination but the journey right?
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